-Vision + Mission + Goals-


The Challenge


Achieving a larger proportion of knowledge‐intensive and high‐value activities in our primary industries is critical to making New Zealand regions more resilient to the looming threats created by technological change, globalisation, demographic change and climate change. However, many of New Zealand’s regional economies and communities currently lack the necessary skills, resources and/or co‐ordination capabilities required to support the smart use of digital and biological technologies in their regional primary sector ecosystems.

There is a need to enable a collaborative approach to innovation creation and coordination across government, iwi, academia and industry and to drive primary industry transformation and support sustainable social and economic growth in regional New Zealand through digital transformation, inclusion and workforce development.


Our Vision

As a response to the challenges and opportunities outlined herein, PIRIC’s vision is to enable and drive digital transformation of New Zealand’s primary industries, support sustainable and inclusive social and economic growth in regional New Zealand, and improve protection of the environment.


Our Mission


PIRIC’s Mission is made up of four core pillars:

1)     Technologies: accelerate the transfer and dissemination of key enabling technologies such as cloud services, Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning and data analytics into primary industries using a “collaborative innovation network “approach.

2)      Value Chains: explore innovative new ways of growing or producing, harvesting, processing and delivering primary industry outputs to both domestic and export markets using digital technologies while ensuring food security, traceability, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity for New Zealand.

3)      Workforce & Communities: help ensure that all people and communities in regional New Zealand have the access, confidence, skills and ability to participate in the digital world through digital inclusion initiatives such as targeted education and workplace-based training programmes.

4)      Environmental sustainability: play a nationally significant role in identifying and implementing successful new ways to collaboratively address environmental challenges associated with the primary industriesOur Goals


Our Goals

PIRIC’s Goals are to foster collaborative innovation in order to:

1)      support the development and execution of digital transformation strategies and initiatives in regional New Zealand in partnership with government (central, regional and local), iwi, academia and industry, and co-create sustainable social and economic development opportunities from the 'grass-roots' up;

2)      strengthen existing primary industries innovation ecosystems in regional economies by creating greater access to, and exchange of, collaboration ideas and opportunities, expertise, learnings, skills, patterns, practices and relevant digital technologies;

3)      increase opportunities for international collaboration for existing primary industries innovation & research clusters, and their associated organisations and individuals;

4)      increase the capacity for primary industry enterprises to conduct digital transformation R&D programmes using internal resources, or in partnership with public research organisations;

5)      support successful collaborative action focused on addressing environmental challenges;

6)      support tertiary institutions and public research organisations to meet the increased demand for a digitally literate workforce in the regional economies, and deliver more ‘industry-led research’ by enhancing their capacity to collaborate with industry; and

7)      measure, research, and disseminate the impacts of collaborative innovation on the primary industries.