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The Grand Experiment

Internationally, so-called “collaborative innovation networks” such as PIRIC are a well-established mechanism for accelerating innovation processes and outcomes across industries.

However collaborative is seldom easy, and while we can all agree that in today’s hyper-connected world collaboration and partnerships are vital to innovation and sustainability, we need to take a experimental approach to how best to identify and incubate windows of ‘collaborative opportunity’ that can support new ways of working that are additive to what we are already doing, rather than duplicating existing efforts.

Which is why the founding members of PIRIC have taken an experiential approach to PIRIC based on our experiences and the success of networks such as the Microsoft Innovation Centers and our innovation ecosystem and international development expertise in over 30 countries.

Our long-term vision is to play a role in the development of a vibrant national network of ‘Collaborative Innovation Labs’ that support a proactive and strategic approach to develop ‘collaborative innovation’ using a design-led and and experimentation approach best suited for each region.

Whether they focus on Rural Innovation, Sustainable Communities, Data Collaboratives or cross-supply chain problems solving, these Labs act as a focal points that help bring people together and incubate novel ideas that can them be explored, tested and validated.

Some will fail, others may offer meaningful insights and some will emerge as well-designed, well-governed, accountable, and impactful collaborations that create sustainable social and economic benefits and access to the opportunities digital technologies provide.


What we’ve accomplished:


Our members helped farmers and growers across Manawatū-Whanganui to drive new thinking in the primary sector, particularly digital farm opportunities, by co-creating and establishing a Rural Innovation Lab to serve as a pilot initiative for the development of similar programmes across New Zealand.

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We are working with the innovation ecosystem in Taranaki to help build sustainable rural communities across the region as we transition to a low carbon economy.

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New Zealand forestry is a significant industry with an annual gross income of around $5 billion, or about 3% of our GDP, and directly employing around 20,000 people. We are working with key industry, transportation and local government stakeholders in the Hawkes Bay to drive innovation and lift productivity in Forestry supply chains.