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The Primary Industries and Regional Innovation Collaborative


We believe…

In the potential for science and technologies to contribute to the well-being of humanity.

To build a sustainable future for New Zealand we need to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies into our Primary Industries and Regional Economies, and can no longer act as individuals or organizations working alone.

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Areas of Focus

As the Primary Industries and Regional Innovation Collaborative (PIRIC) we focus on strengthening New Zealand’s regional economies by:


Innovative Industries

Accelerating the Digital Transformation of New Zealand’s agriculture, food processing, forestry, horticulture and seafood sectors.


Sustainable Communities

Helping build sustainable and connected communities that have the confidence, skills and ability to participate in the digital world.



For the New Zealand economy, economic prosperity, social well being and environmental performance is highly reliant on the innovation, competitiveness and overall health of our primary industries and regional communities.

These industries and communities are now entering a time of significant disruption due to factors such as emerging digital, material and biological technologies, rapid increase in the consumer acceptability of plant‐based proteins, global value chain disruption, and changes to the international trading environment.

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Working Alone…
Doesn't Work!

We need well-designed, well-governed, accountable, and impactful collaborations that scale, which is why we are working with local communities across New Zealand to help create collaborative and sustainable social and economic initiatives so everyone can access the benefits technologies provide and the opportunities they create.

To activate these collaborations, our Jump Starts are an agile, learn-able, repeatable and flexible framework which every participant can use to get things done collaboratively, while creating unique and measurable outcomes that benefit all involved, whether it be a commercial enterprise, social enterprise, community enterprise or indigenous entrepreneurship endeavor.

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Get Involved

Bringing digital transformation and sustainable practices together via collaborative partnerships should be at the forefront of strategic thinking for any business.

Internationally, so-called “collaborative innovation networks” such as PIRIC are a well-established mechanism for accelerating innovation processes and outcomes across industries.

Join us, and together lets grow New Zealand's human, social, natural, and financial/physical capitals now and for future generations.

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