Guiding Principles

The principles that will guide PIRIC and underpin the success of our work together are openness, transparency, trust, mutuality, dialogue, collaboration, and accountability.

As we work together, we may also discover new knowledge, insights, projects, scenarios and additional collaborators that we may wish to involve in the work. Therefore we intend to remain flexible and adaptable throughout each PIRIC Project so as to best meet the overall objectives of:

  • developing new knowledge and practices that can contribute to the ongoing transformation of the New Zealand’s primary industries and its regional economies and communities; and

  • serving as a lighthouse example of how to better transfer digital technologies into the primary industries in ways that meet today’s challenges and opportunities.


Our Charter

Internationally, so-called “collaborative innovation networks” such as PIRIC are a well-established mechanism for accelerating innovation processes and outcomes across industries.

We believe there is demonstrable need for this approach in New Zealand where PIRIC is in effect be an unincorporated group or “club” of both private and public sector organisations and individual participants who are mutually interested in pursuing objectives. As such, we have all agreed to be bound by the PIRIC Charter, which has been designed to:

(i) facilitate collaborative innovation; and

(ii) ensure that all activities of the PIRIC will be conducted in a prudent, responsible and ethical manner that is conducive to achieving the purpose and goals of PIRIC.